Smart Keyboard for iPad (7th generation) and iPad Air (3rd generation) – British English

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Apple Smart Keyboard iPad 10.2 (2019/2020/2021) / Air 10.5 QWERTY This Smart Keyboard for the Apple iPad is perfect for anyone who needs a keyboard for their iPad. With its thin design and full-sized keys, the Smart Keyboard case is easy to use and to carry. The Keyboard case also covers the screen of the iPad.
Apple Keyboard case with smart connector The built-in smart connector ensures that you don’t have to use an annoying Bluetooth connection. The keyboard is magnetically attached to the side of the iPad via the smart connector. After putting on the keyboard case, the keyboard is immediately connected. You don’t need batteries or a charging cable for this Smart Keyboard, because the iPad powers the keyboard via the magnetic connection (smart connector).
Note: This keyboard has a British QWERTY layout

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